• CannaPOS is cannabis store point of sale

    Special Features Designed for Legal Cannabis Stores

  • Precision Scale Integration

    .01 Grams Acccurate and Legal for Trade

  • MMJ Card Scanning
    and ID Scanning

    Scan and Store Card Images

  • Low Price,
    No Monthly
    Software Fees

    Your Data Resides on Your Computers

CannaPOS Is Point of Sale Software For Legal Cannabis Stores

Features designed specifically for legal Cannabis sellers will make sales transactions faster,
handling employees easier and regulatory reporting almost automatic.

Medical Cannabis

Use CannaPOS in your medical cannabis store. Scan and store images of customer medical cannabis cards and ID cards. Alert cashiers of cannabis card expiration.

Retail Cannabis

Use CannaPOS in your retail cannabis operation. Automatic reporting of marijuana sales in seed-to-sale states and inventory coordination with state tracking database.

Ultra-Fast Transactions

CannaPOS is built on a fast local framework that lets you process transactions quickly. No problem when Internet access is slow or down.

Employee Scheduling
and Time Clock

Schedule employee work times. Staff clocks in and out on point of sale system.

Regulatory Reporting

Interfaces with BioTrack for states requiring seed-to-sale traceability. Produces reports for reporting sales and tax collections.

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CannaPOS is Good for Your Store

CannaPOS software is designed for medical and retail cannabis sellers. The software is continually evolving to better meet your needs today and anticipate what you want to do in the future.

Designed for Sturdy Hardware

This software does not rely on frail consumer-grade tablets. CannaPOS is designed for Windows computers that are meant for continuous use in a retail environment like yours.

One Time Low Cost

CannaPOS is sold for a one-time license fee. There is no monthly software cost because the system runs on computers in your store.

CannaPOS Support

CannaPOS software is available through authorized dealers and directly from the software developer. Choose the option that’s best for you! Working with a dealer is convenient because they can set up your complete system and offer service during the evening and on weekends.

Meets Your State Requirements

CannaPOS helps you comply with your state’s dispensary requirements. Business reports give you the exact information you need for regulatory reporting. Interfaces with data reporting services to get your information to the state automatically.

Friendly, Helpful Suppliers

Customer service for your point of sale system is required to keep it running smoothly and fix problems quickly. All CannaPOS service suppliers are where you need them to be when you need help.

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