Prices for CannaPOS Cannabis Dispensary POS Software

CannaPOS software is purchased by subscription for each computer, including computers used for selling products in the store, in the manager’s office for printing reports and maintaining the product list and selling menu, and for receiving and managing inventory.

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CannaPOS on a Network

When the software is used on a network, all connected computers can see all the information in the system. Software is purchased for each computer used with CannaPOS.


First computer – $149 per month

Each additional computer – $99 per month

  • Pay one low monthly fee for the first CannaPOS computer license and one low monthly fee for each additional computer.
  • Software updates for regulatory changes are provided at no additional fee.
  • CannaPOS software and your database reside on your computers, not in the cloud.
  • Call CannaPOS or your CannaPOS dealer for detailed pricing information.

Support Charges

  • Technical support for your CannaPOS subscription is included at no additional cost.

What is Included in the CannaPOS System?

Includes CannaPOS core software for selling products and interfacing with state seed-to-sale tracking systems, Employee Time Clock, Employee Scheduler and Caller ID software.

For caller ID to work you must purchase the interface hardware:

2 Line Interface Box: $199

4 Line Interface Box: $350

8 Line Interface Box: $575