Delivery Management

In locations that allow Cannabis delivery CannaPOS is ready to go! Track delivery drivers, manage their bank and track every customer and delivery.


  • The driver who has been in the store the longest is automatically at the top of the dispatch list
  • Send a driver with one or many orders
  • Track driver bank balances and require a driver to make a drop
  • Orders are color coded to track promised delivery time

Which Orders are Assigned to a Driver?

View the orders that have been dispatched with a driver:


How Driver Dispatch Works

Touch one or more orders, touch a delivery driver, then touch the Out button. The driver is moved into the Out column and the orders sent with the driver are removed from the waiting orders list.

When a driver returns they are prompted to enter the amount and type of payment for their delivery run. Software settings also allow a payment to be entered automatically. Drivers are responsible for payments on their delivery orders when their bank is closed at the end of their shift.

Dedicated or Shared Dispatch Station

Delivery features can be accessed from any CannaPOS computer. If deliveries are a big part of your business you can dedicate one computer for that purpose or use any computer in your system.