Customer Database

  • Stores customer name, address and more for medical card verification, marketing and other uses.
  • Warns cashier when medical card expires
  • Scans and stores images of medical marijuana card and customer identification.


Customer information can also be entered and maintained in the Office Manager program.


A customer can be added to an order by searching for their telephone number, name or street address.

Loyalty and Rewards

CannaPOS has built-in customer loyalty features. Customers earn loyalty points on purchases which can be redeemed for free products.

Select which products earn loyalty points and how many points are earned with a purchase

Accumulate points until the customer has earned enough points to earn a reward

Redeem loyalty points and get a selected item free

Offering a loyalty and rewards program makes getting customer information for use in marketing programs easier. Branded apparel and accessories available through a reward program are a great way to keep customers loyal!