Would You Like Free Software?

CannaPOS is finished in development and is ready to use! We will give you free software for participating in our Beta Test program! Here’s how to do it:

Go to our State Compliance Integration page at http://www.cannapos.com/integration-state-compliance-systems/

If your state is listed as Available Soon, contact the CannaPOS Beta Test Coordinator Jeff Crandall at jeffc@inborne.com or by telephone at (800) 792-4479 for additional information and to register for the beta test.

Why You May Not Want Your POS in the Cloud

What’s the Difference?

Many business owners don’t know the difference between cloud software accessible over the Internet and software that runs on local computers. Cloud computing can offer many advantages but you may want to think about these key differences.

  • CannaPOS software runs on computers in your store. Local software on real computers easily outperforms mobile or cloud apps.
  • With CannaPOS your information is located in your store. Cloud software stores its information on servers you cannot directly access. You control your database and your software backups.
  • CannaPOS runs on real computers. You don’t rely on fragile consumer tablets to run your business.
  • When you have an Internet problem CannaPOS keeps on going. You have everything you need to carry on business right in your store.
  • With CannaPOS you use common, affordable computer hardware. There are no specialized components that are hard to find and hard to use.
  • With cloud computing and tablets you use bluetooth connected bar code scanners and other POS hardware. These devices can lose their connection to a tablet and slow your operation.

Want more information on CannaPOS and how it can help your business? Contact CannaPOS or an independent CannaPOS dealer.

Specialized Point of Sale for Marijuana Dispensaries

Many software companies offer point of sale systems to cannabis sellers. Each state where the sale of cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use has their own requirements for reporting and tracking the sale of cannabis. Requirements are so varied that standard retail point of sale software cannot possibly cover all of the requirements.

CannaPOS is designed specifically to meet the needs of cannabis sellers. Whether yours is a business selling to medical users in California, you operate a retail cannabis store in Washington, or you are located in any of the dozens of states now permitting cannabis sales, CannaPOS can work for you.

Here are just a few of the features designed for your business:

  • CannaPOS integrates with highly accurate scales that are legal for trade for selling products by weight
  • CannaPOS integrates with traceability systems for simple reporting of sales to government agencies
  • CannaPOS can scan and save an image of a medical marijuana card or driver license

Contact CannaPOS or an independent CannaPOS dealer for more information and put this software to work in your store!