Reports to Run Your Business

CannaPOS includes dozens of reports of several types to give you the business information you need.

What is the best all-around business report to use?

The Accountant Summary gives you sales by product category, sales tax collected, payments by tender type and more for a range of dates. This can be a day, week, month or any other time period. The report is designed for use in preparing financial statements or tax returns.

How can I be sure my employees aren’t stealing from me?

CannaPOS offers several type of audit reports. These reports are designed to help you see things like when an employee is trying to guess a manager PIN, when prices are changed on order items, when orders are voided and more. Review the audit reports periodically to catch problems!

Which report should I use for reporting my sales to government organizations?

The Product Sales by Category report groups items sold by category. Use a date range for the report to get sales totals for your cannabis and non-cannabis sales. Several sales tax reports are designed to report on tax collected for in-store sales and by delivery zip code for deliveries.

Accounting Reports

  • Accountant Summary
  • Account Statement
  • Account Statement – Paid and Unpaid
  • Account Statement – Payment Due
  • Audit – Deleted Order Items
  • Audit – Deleted Payments
  • Audit – Deleted and Voided Orders
  • Daily Orders
  • Daily Delivery Orders
  • Delivery Production by Staff Member
  • Flash Report
  • Hourly Sales
  • Payment Refunds
  • Revenue by Cashier
  • Sales Tax by Delivery Zip Code
  • Till and Bank Over and Short

Marketing Reports

  • Coupon and Discount Redemption Summary
  • Customer Email Export
  • Customer List
  • Customer Loyalty Point Balance
  • Customer Loyalty Mailing Labels
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Product Sales by Category

Employee Management Reports

  • Daily Work Schedule
  • Individual Work Schedule
  • Staff Time Clock Hours

Includes many additional reports and ticket templates for supported POS printers.